Saint Martin Tour Package and Travel Guide

Saint Martin Tour Package and Travel Guide

Saint Martin is the only coral island in Bangladesh. It is located in the southernmost part of the mainland of Bangladesh. Saint Martin is a small island in the ocean about 120 km away from the district town of Cox’s Bazar. The island is 7.3 km long and its area is about 8 square km. This island is also called ‘Coconut Jinjira’. It has another small island known as ‘Cheradweep’. On the island of St. Martin, the blue of the sky and the sea merge into one. Here the shallow long beach, sea corals, rhythm of ocean waves fascinates everyone. We know more about Saint Martin Tour Package and Travel Guide.

The topography of the island of St. Martin is mainly flat. But some sandbars are seen. The main constituent of this island is limestone. Jellyfish, mixed saltwater fish, turtles and corals are the main attractions of this island. Also, about 66 species of corals, 187 species of snails and mussels, 153 species of seaweed, 157 species of cryptic plants, 240 species of marine fish, four species of amphibians and 120 species of birds are found in this island.

With the arrival of winter, everyone’s interest in going to St. Martin increases. St. Maarten sees the tourist rush from November to April.

Saint Martin’s Specialties

The beauty of St. Martin, the only coral island in Bangladesh cannot be overstated. Around which only the blue sea, boats tied to the shore, rows of coconut trees and the rhythm of the waves, sometimes stopping, sometimes the touch of the gusty wind, these are the greatness of Saint Martin Island which makes this small island uniquely beautiful.


Saint Martin
Saint Martin


Places to visit in Saint Martin

There are many types of sightseeing places in this island. If you walk along the beach on the left side of the jetty, you will find coconut gingers on the north side of the island. Coral Island is on the western side. Cherandip, which is the southernmost landmass of Bangladesh. You can walk along the paved road from the market to the vacation hotel and see the local residence and lifestyle.

How to Go Teknaf  to Saint Martin?

Teknaf can be directly reached by bus from Dhaka. And from there you can go directly to Saint Martin. Again from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar, then Teknaf and from Teknaf to Saint Martin. And from Cox’s Bazar you can go to Saint Martin Island by ship.

How to Go Dhaka to Saint Martin Tour ?

If you go Dhaka to Saint Martin Teknaf can be directly reached by bus from Dhaka. From Fakirapool and Syedabad in Dhaka, Shyamoli Saint Martin Paribahan, Eagle, S Alam, Modern Line, Green Line etc. buses go directly to Teknaf. It takes 10-12 hours to go to Teknaf from Dhaka by bus. It takes some time to travel from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar and fares are also high.

How to get to Saint Martin Tour Package from Cox’s Bazar ?

If you go from Dhaka to Saint Martin Island first you need to come Cox’s Bazar then go to Teknaf and from there you can go to Saint Martin Island. It takes about two hours to reach Teknaf. Again the distance from Teknaf to Saint Martin is 9 km. Travel time from Teknaf to Saint Martin takes two to two and a half hours.

Several ships or sea-trucks ply from Teknaf to St. Martin including Green Line Water Bus, LC Qutubdia, Kajal, Carey Sindbad. St. Martin Island can also be reached by trawler and speed boat.

Where to eat at Saint Martin?

Almost all residential hotels have restaurants here. Food can be taken from there. And the most delicious food of Saint Martin is Dub. So eating dub here cannot be missed. You can also eat fish barbeque as many types of sea fish are available here. All the hotels in the bazaar have fish arranged, from where you ask them to barbeque. And the shrimp and crab fries here are also very tasty. Also there are endless fish dishes such as laitta, kachki, churi, roopchanda etc. And if you go there on a hot day, you can try the watermelon there.

Where to Stay at Saint Martin?

Accommodation in St. Martin has good, average, average hotels of all types. Notable among them are –

  • Blue Marine
  • Palace Paradise
  • Obokash
  • Sea is luxury
  • Blue Horizon Resort
  • Labiba Luxury Resort
  • Dream Night Resort etc.

Saint Martin Tour Packages

  • There are various packages available to travel to Saint Martin. A minimum of 2 people can visit Saint Martin through this package. Couple packages are also available.
  • Packages include round trip bus tickets, daily meals (including fish barbeque), resort expenses, etc. Packages are either 2 days or 3 days.
  • Saint Martin Tour Package Cost: Three days St. Martin tour package will cost 5-7 thousand taka per person. And if it is a two-day Saint Martin tour package, it will be between 3-4 thousand. And if you want to go by business class AC bus, then the cost will increase to 8-9 thousand per person.

Bus tickets to Mawa, ship tickets, resort bookings, etc. are troublesome for those who can visit Saint Martin with this tour package.

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