Known and Unknown Facts About The Projector

Known and Unknown Facts About The Projector

Projector is a very familiar device. At present we are more or less familiar with it. The use of projectors has increased over time. Today I will try to give details about Known and Unknown Facts About The Projector. Hope this information will be useful for everyone.

What is a Projector?

A projector is an elector-optical device used to display videos, images and various information on a large screen. The use of projectors is increasing in our daily life in various fields including seminars, meetings, classrooms, trainings, workshops. The main function of the projector is to display the computer data on the screen by multiplying it. There is no alternative to projectors for displaying large data in front of many people at once.

Types of Projectors

Currently there are mainly 2 types of projectors one is DLP or Digital Light Processing and the other is LCD or Liquid Crystal Display. Now let’s know the detailed discussion about these two types of projectors.

LCD or Liquid Crystal Display

LCD projector usually consist of polarized mirrors that reflect only certain light. LCD technology separates each of the red, blue and green channels and then passes the LCD panel through a prism to convert it back into color video.

Digital Light Processing or DLP

The most modern projectors today are the Digital Light Processing or DLP projectors. It is considered a K-one chip and a three-chip because each chip has millions of mirrors that can produce as many light reflections as a target per second. One-chip DLP projectors can produce more than 16 million colors while three-chip models can produce more than 35 trillion colors, allowing DLP projectors to deliver vivid, vivid images.

Use of Projectors

In all public gatherings or events where large numbers of people gather, projectors are needed to attract people’s attention or attention. If you want to watch various programs and games, you cannot enjoy much on the small screen, so the big screen is used as an alternative. This greatly increases its pleasure. Moreover, many people can sit together and watch videos at the same time. Watching World Cup games on projectors is especially fun because everyone can sit together and watch the game on a big screen.

Use of Projector Screen

Projector screen can be used in two ways, one of them is to display video by reflecting on the projector screen, the other is to display the light of the projector on the walls of the house. In this case, the color of the wall must be white or off-white, otherwise the light will not reflect properly. If the light is not properly reflected, the desired video quality will not be obtained. If the walls of the room are painted in white color, the video can be made easily with the projector as a result, the cost of buying an additional screen for the projector will be reduced.

Projector Screen Setup

If using the wall of the room for the projector screen, the projector should be placed at a certain distance for viewing convenience and ensure that the focus light/lens of the projector is placed in the correct position on the wall. Care should be taken to ensure that there are no obstructions in the area where the focus light will be placed on the wall. Otherwise there will be no proper picture focus on the wall. In the case of the projector screen, the set projector should be set according to the same rules. The farther you place the projector, the larger the image will be on the wall or screen, but if the distance is greater than the specified distance, the resolution of the video or image will be poor, so you will not be able to see it clearly. Conversely, the closer the screen is to the projector source, the smaller the image or video will be. The projector image becomes smaller or larger depending on the focal length.


Projector Screen
Projector Screen

Projector Screen Selection

Projector screen selection is an important issue. There are two types of projector screen one is made of digital banner and the other is stand screen which cost comparatively more. The front of the digital banner screen is white and the back is black. The screen size of the projector depends on the lumens of the projector. The higher the lumens of the projector, the larger the projector screen, the better the image or video quality. If outside for any outdoor display the screen size should be selected on the quality with the projector device. The use of projector screens is increasing day by day as they are easily portable and can be folded up like a normal cloth and taken anywhere.

All the Devices that can be Used in the Projector

Modern projectors have all the connectivity options. Most projectors these days can be used with all kinds of electronics devices such as laptops, computers, TVs and mobile phones. For example, the projector has a port for connecting cable TV. A cable is supplied with the projector and one part of this cable should be connected to the TV which has a dish connection and the other part should be connected to the projector. Smart TV which can be used with internet connection will also have projector facility.


Known and Unknown Facts About The Projector
All the Devices that can be Used in the Projector


Projection Through the Mobile Phone

On the other hand, with modern projectors, videos can be watched by creating a large screen through mobile phones. For this you need to turn on the Bluetooth function on both the devices to share the video. In addition to this, if your needs are small, then some small projectors are available in the current market, they can be used directly by connecting to the camera on the back of the mobile phone. By doing this, what will be launched on your mobile phone will be seen on the projector screen. The price of the projector is relatively low due to its small screen.


Projection Through the Mobile Phone
Projection Through the Mobile Phone


What to Consider When Buying a Projector?

There are many things to consider before purchasing a projector. Among these, the things that should be given more importance are:-

Sound Quality

Since the video on the projector is to be viewed on a large screen, the sound quality must be good otherwise the projector video viewing experience is not available. Although the projector has built-in speakers, its sound quality is an important factor. Its sound is usually low so a separate speaker must be used for loud sounds. You can use a home theater sound system for better sound quality than speakers.

Price and Brand Selection

Various brands of projectors including Epson Asus, Lenovo, Vivitech, Casio, Hitachi, Panasonic, Toshiba, BenQ, Valuetop are available in the current market. The price of all these projectors can be lower or higher depending on the brand. But the higher the lumens of the projector, the higher the price. Some Chinese brand projectors like Xiaomi, Cheerlux band projectors are available in lower price range.

Care for Use of the Projector

  • Never disconnect the power directly after turning on the projector.
  • When shutting down, press the projector’s power button to turn it off and never unplug the power cord immediately. If you notice, you will see a red light flickering even after the projection is turned off. Wait for it to fix, then open the Power Code.
  • Do not store the projector in a bag or in a closed box or cupboard immediately after turning it off. Because the projector gets very hot after running for a while, keeping it in a bag or closed box may damage the prism or lens by sweating which is almost beyond repair. So keep it in the open for at least 30 minutes.
  • After buying a projector or laptop, you will find a small paper packet in its box, which contains some powder like substance, never throw it away. It is actually silica gel powder that absorbs water. It will protect the projector from sweat. A similar substance is found in powdered milk which you can also use if you run out of it.
  • Avoid running the projector on a table in person.
  • Never move from one place to another while it is on.
  • While on we often use books or something similar to cover the projection. Never do it. It seriously damages the lens.
  • Running at low voltage will not work.
  • Do not operate the projector at points with loose connections.
  • If you want the projector to work better, use HDMI cable instead of VGA cable.
  • Care must be taken to prevent accumulation of dust and sand. If possible, clean by blowing air with a blower machine.

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