Jumper JPD-500D SpO2 Pulse Oximeter

Jumper JPD-500D SpO2 Pulse Oximeter Full Specification

Main Information
Product TypePulse Oximeter
PR Range25bpm~250bpm
SpO2 Range0%~100%
Display6 Mode
Pulse SoundYes
BatteryAAA x 2
Display Direction4
Price 999

Details About Jumper JPD-500D OLED Pulse Oximeter

Jumper JPD-500D OLED Pulse Oximeter is integrated with the probe and processing display module. It is small in size, light in weight, portable and can be carried anywhere. JPD-500D model of jumper is easy to use.


Jumper JPD-500D SpO2 Puls Oximeter
Jumper JPD-500D SpO2 Pulse Oximeter


How will the Jumper JPD-500D Cost?

Jumper JPD-500D OLED Pulse Oximeter has very low electrical consumption with SPO2, PR, re-display, pulse rate value display, graph display. Oximeters provide early signals when the voltage drops, which may cause abnormal behavior later on when the voltage drops.

Automation of Jumper JPD-500D

The device can control the measurement interface by automatic power off system. It automatically shuts off within 5 seconds when the pulse oximeter is removed from the finger probe.

Correct Results

The Jumper SpO2 Oximeter can accurately determine the blood oxygen saturation level and pulse rate in a short amount of time. Only OLED pulse oximeter can display for SpO2 100% value. A smart alarm is added to the oximeter to monitor SpO2 and PR conditions. If the level of SpO2 and PR decreases or increases by giving a signal with an alarm, it is possible to take precautions in advance.

How Much Safe and Healthy?

The JPD-500D OLED Oximeter is manufactured according to CE and FDA man tested by medical doctors and health experts. Before using the oximeter, rubber medical silicone should be used on the finger to ensure proper grip and no pressure on the finger.

Modern Display

The oximeter comes with a modern OLED display that displays the meter’s results clearly so that it takes no time for people to understand. Display shows live waveform, bar graph, spO2, pulse rate and real-time changes.

Advantages of the Jumper JPD-500D OLED Oximeter

  • The Jumper JPD-500D provides output via a state-of-the-art OLED display.
  • Auto power off after some time if there is no signal at any location.
  • Pulse sound function is added
  • Can display SPo2, PR, PR waveform, bargraph and perfusion results with one device.

The Jumper JPD-500D Pulse Oximeter price in Bangladesh only 999 taka.



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