How much TK to Buy a Printer in Bangladesh

How much to Buy a Printer in Bangladesh?

An output device widely used in modern times is called printer. The contribution of printer is immense for saving hard copy of any text, document or any image. A printer is a peripheral device. Which prints human understandable graphs, pictures, words, writing on paper. There are many types of printers available in the market, including laser printers, inkjet printers, dot matrix, bubble jet, solid ink, toner based printers. The two most common printers are black-and-white and color. Laser printers are best for fast and high quality text document printing. However, laser printers are used more in offices and businesses because of their high price.

Inkjet printers are more popular for small business and home use. It is also popular because it is available at a much lower price than laser printers. Inkjet printer cartridges cost more, but CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) or drum system can be purchased by spending a few thousand Taka. This reduces the printing cost per page to 15-20 Paisa. If you don’t plan to print in color, you can get a black and white inkjet printer. And if you want document scanning, copying, faxing, etc. along with text and image printing, you have to take a multi-functional inkjet printer.

How to buy a printer according to the budget?

Not all printers are priced equally. So before buying you must buy the printer with an idea about the price of the printer. However, it should be noted that the printer should be bought according to one’s needs and work requirements. Let’s get an idea of how the price of any type of printer will be from below:-

Printer Price Range

Printer price in Bangladesh under 3,000 Tk to 6,500 Tk – At this price you will get a single function inkjet printer. But it goes without saying that models of this price will be very slow and will not have features. Its ink will be expensive. Moreover, they have tricolor cartridges consisting of green, blue, magenta, and yellow so that when one color runs out, the entire cartridge needs to be changed.

Printer price in Bangladesh under   6,500 Tk to 8,000 Tk – At this price you can buy a single function inkjet printer or a low-end inkjet multi-function printer or a basic monochrome laser printer. Printers at this price point for single users offer modest speed and paper handling capabilities. But their control panel is mediocre. Ink or toner is expensive. Some models have individual color cartridges but most models have tricolor cartridges.

Printer price in Bangladesh under 10,000 Tk to 15,000 Tk – at this price you will get models with auto duplexing and advanced ink options. Moreover, even if the basic monochrome printer is available at this price, it is more efficient than the previous models. Printers in this range are quite fast. Most models have Wi-Fi capability.

Printer price in Bangladesh under 20,000 Tk to 25,000 Tk – In this range you will find printers with fast speed and paper handling capabilities. Moreover, more networking features and better control panel will be available. Features include touchscreen, color display, wide-format capability. This range of monochrome laser printers can have a 250 page input tray. But it can be relatively slow.

Printer price in Bangladesh under  30,000 Tk  to 45,000 Tk – at this price premium level features like networking, large color LCD, web connectivity are available. Speed and print quality will be better and ink consumption will also come down. Among the laser models you can find faster and network able monochrome printers or bare-bones color printers. But the cost of toner will be high.

Printer price in Bangladesh under  40,000 Tk – Laser printers at this price are relatively good. You get a 250-page input tray, network ability and a good speed printer. Toner cost will be higher here as well.

Printers within Bangladesh between 55,000 Tk  to 65,000 Tk – Printers in this price range are mainly designed for work groups. Features include maximum RAM, standard and optical paper trays, monthly duty cycle, etc. Toner cost will be less.

Printer price in Bangladesh within Tk 80,000 and above – If you can spend more than Tk 80,000 then you will get the best quality printer. Due to the higher capacity cartridge, the toner consumption will be much less in this case. If you run a business that requires a lot of printing, only then can you consider buying a printer at this price.


How much can be the price of just the printer above? And just trying to give some details of what kind of printer you can get in what price range. Before buying the printer, you must know the current price of the printer from online.

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