Guideline Forever eCommerce in Bangladesh

Guideline Forever eCommerce in Bangladesh

People are constantly using this era of internet or online in various ways. Internet has contributed more or less to the development of every field. Likewise, businessmen are not lagging behind in the field of business by using the internet. It is able to reach the customers in the country and outside the country by displaying the products offline as well as online. So today’s topic of discussion is the detailed guide lines of how to make a perfect online based business (e-commerce business):-

What is e-Commerce?

E-commerce or online business is the means of buying and selling products or delivering products and services to people online. Guideline Forever eCommerce in Bangladesh can be done basically in four ways based on buyer and seller.

  1. Business to Business (B to B)
  2. Consumer to Business (C to B)
  3. Consumer to Consumer (C to C)
  4. Business to Consumer (B to C)

Business to Business (B to B): Its activities usually take place between business people. B2B is when a seller can sell their product to another seller.

Consumer to Business (C to B): The final level of selling a product is to the consumer. When a consumer consumes a product, the product is then purchased and used by another company or business at a competitive price. This type of business system is consumer-to-business.

Consumer to Consumer (C to C): Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) markets provide an innovative way to allow consumers to communicate with each other. Today’s market requires a business-to-customer relationship, where a customer visits a business to purchase a product or service. Business facilitates an environment where customers can sell products to each other.

Business to Consumer (B to C): B2C is the process when traders can deliver a product directly to the customer. Here a product can reach the final stage directly or directly to the consumer. Most of the businesses in Bangladesh today are conducted in this manner.

Requirement to Start e-Commerce Business?

Before starting a business many things need prior planning. First things to decide to start a business are:-

  • Website.
  • Business naming.
  • Domain-hosting
  • Product Delivery.
  • Website design.
  • Marketing.

A clear guideline on how to start an e-commerce business using these essentials is presented for the convenience of the reader:

Create a Website

The first thing anyone thinking of e-commerce business should do is to create a website. The first thing you need for an e-commerce business is a website of your own. Having a website in any online business means success is at your fingertips. Your customers will find you online through a website. Those who are planning to start an e-commerce business should make sure to create a website of their own. But before creating the website, you must choose the name of the e-commerce site.

Choose Domain

Domain: This is basically the address of the website. To create a website, you need to give a name to the website. And this address or name of the website is called domain. That is, the name that people will use to search or the name that people will find your website under is the domain. Nothing should be used as a domain name. You must research the domain. Choosing a domain requires you to choose a name or address that people can easily find and like. A name that is easy to read. The name should be catchy and unique because this name will highlight your service to the customers.

Choose Hosting

Hosting is the means by which a website can reach everyone. Considerations in choosing hosting are the amount of data and bandwidth you need to work with. Keep in mind how many people can visit your site at once because otherwise your website may be temporarily unavailable. More visitors actually suffer from this problem and accordingly you need to get a dedicated hosting server plan. Shared hosting cannot be taken, it is likely to slow down the site because many sites are shared in this hosting, so the site becomes slow. You need to know well about the hosting plan that you will take for how long the backup will be and whether it will be for weeks or months.

Domain Name

Naming is of immense importance in business as the business name is basically the identity of your business. For example, an organization is known by its name. Also, your business name will later be considered as your business brand, so your business name or Domain Name should be such that people can easily find your business. A very nice unique and simple name should be given for this. So that people can remember it. and which are related to your business.

Website Design

Another important aspect of creating a website for business is website design. Your web page or website design should be such that visitors can easily navigate from one page to another and all the products you sell are easy to find.

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