ACI 12 HP Classic Power Tiller

ACI 12 HP Classic Power Tiller

Engine Information
ModelS 195
Engine HP12 HP
Engine Power8.9 KW
Engine Speed2000 R/m
Brake SystemDisc Type
Gear Box6 Speed Forward, 2 Speed Reverse
Cylinder Bore95 mm
Piston Stroke100 mm
Fuel Tank CapacityMax. 12 Liter
Fuel Consumption1.2 to 1.4 Liter/hour
Fuel FilterDuel Filter
Rotary TillerWidth: 600 mm,
Number of Blades18
Starting SystemManual Cranking Type
Air CleanerOil Bath Type
Lubricating WayCombined Pressure and Splashing
Technical Information
Power Tiller TypeClassic
Engine ModelS 195 NL GN
TypeSingle Cylinder, Dual Purpose
DimensionL=2950 mm
W=980 mm
H=1240 mm
ClutchMultiple Dry Plate, Friction Type
Tread Rubber Wheel570-810 mm
Tread Iron Wheel850-1090 mm
Steering LeverLength 255 mm
Ground ClearanceMin. 210mm
Working Weight480 Kg
Wheel Inner Diameter700 mm
Wheel Width100 mm
Wheel Extension100mm
Wheel Weight42 Kg
Power Tiller SpeedForward: 1.39, 2.47, 4.15, 5.14, 9.12, 15.30
Reverse: 1.10, 4.10
Turning Speed: Low:199, 231, High: 250, 289
Rubber TyresFront Wheel: 6.00-12
Rear Wheel: 4.00-8
Iron Wheel: 6.00-8
Rotary Tiller Specification
WorkingWidth: 600 mm
Depth: Up to 150 mm
Diameter of the Rotor550 mm
Rotor SpeedLow Speed: 199 rpm
High Speed: 250 rpm
Other PartsAdjustable Rear Cover
Adjustable Depth Control by Tail Wheel
A Riding Chair
Accessories1 set Tools and 1 set Fast Moving Spare Parts

Useful Feature of ACI 12 HP Classic Power Tiller

  • Brand ACI Power Tiller
  • Engine model: S 195
  • Rated engine power: 12 HP / 8.9 KW
  • Use dual filters (primary and secondary) to protect the engine from fuel contamination
  • Fuel tank capacity is 9-12 liters
  • Working weight with rotary tiller is 480 kg
  • Cost efficient and more sustainable
  • Clutch cover made by nut bolt joining system instead of welding power tiller
  • Forks made of solid cast iron instead of cast
  • Deep groove 18 tilling blade in pinion for better performance

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