40k Gaming PC Build in Bangladesh

40k Gaming PC Build in Bangladesh

40k Gaming PC Build in Bangladesh when we make it whatever you need to know many things about the PC.   We are now living in the digital age of technology. As time goes by, new technologies are constantly being created and many technologies are changing. As a result of the advancement of science, people are now able to do a lot of their work very easily. Desktop or PC is a great discovery of science. If you want, you can easily do any work online using this desktop PC.

There are two types of Desktop PC available in the market now. One is the brand PC which is usually available in full form in the market and the other is the PC build inside Bangladesh. In this case you will not get the PC in full form. You can make PC according to your needs.


Through this article, I will tell you the details of how to 40k Gaming PC Build in Bangladesh , what materials are needed.


It will take 40K taka to make a desktop PC

You will definitely need some important parts to build a desktop PC. Here are the parts you need to make a desktop PC:

  1. Processor
  2. Motherboard
  3. Storage
  4. RAM
  5. Casing
  6. Graphics card
  7. Monitor
  8. Key board
  9. Mouse
  10. Cooling fan
  11. UPS

Here are 11 key PC parts you will need when you bill a PC.



Processor is an important part of any PC. Processor is compared to the brain of the computer. Then you must understand the importance of the processor for a PC. Everything from computer decisions to accounting is done through the processor. There are two brands of PC processors available in the market at present, one is Intel and the other is AMD. You can choose any type of processor to build a desktop PC. In this case, if you can buy an Intel processor, then the price will be a little cheaper for you. You can get Intel’s Core i3 processor for less than 11,000 taka.



Whether it is PC, desktop or computer, motherboard is very important for them. The job of the computer motherboard is basically to keep all the parts together. Nothing on a desktop or computer is perfect except a motherboard. At present you can buy motherboards from various good companies if you want. The best two of them are Gigabyte and Asus. In this case Gigabyte company GA-H110 d3A DdR4 in a good budget may be better for you. If you buy it in the current market, the price will be 6,000 taka.



Just as we store all kinds of information through the brain, so a computer needs some kind of storage device to store information. The two types of storage that are commonly known to many of us are hard disk drives and the other is SSD.

So here it is best for you to have another terabyte hard disk with 240 GB SSD. Then you just have to put the system software in SSD and you will get much better performance in storage on the rest of the hard disk. If you want to buy 240 GB SSD storage from the market then it will cost you 2,400 taka and if you want to buy 1 terabyte hard disk then this is you’re the cost can be as high as 3,500.



RAM is a temporary memory is required for every computer program to run properly. RAM is responsible for this temporary memory. How your PC’s programs work will largely depend on RAM. So when it comes to selecting RAM, it must be advanced and large. Since we want to build a PC within 40 thousand taka, we have to take RAM accordingly.

In this case you can take 8 GB RAM of any company if you want. You can get these RAMs in the market for 4 thousand taka.



All of you who use computers know that casing is used to keep all kinds of computer parts in one place. In many cases many have power supply with casing. If you want to buy and use a separate power supply, you can use this one. You can get good quality casing in the market for 5,000 taka.


Graphics Card

Those who love to play games on desktop PC will definitely need a graphics card. Because if you want to play games on desktop PC, it will not be possible to play smooth games on your PC without graphics card.



A good quality monitor can give you the pleasure of using PC. So before buying a PC, you have to choose a good quality HD monitor. Otherwise, the desktop PC will be reluctant to use for a long time, as well as eye problems may occur.


Cooling Fan

There is no cooling fan option to keep the desktop PC cool. If you use PC continuously for a long time, there is a possibility of overheating. The cooling fan can be used to keep the PC cool and use it smoothly.



In case of load shedding or sudden power outage, the PC shuts off directly. There is no alternative to UPS for backing up the PC as it may not shut down completely if the power supply is suddenly cut off while doing the necessary work on the PC. This eliminates the risk of damage to parts inside the PC.


Personal Opinion

You can easily build a good PC with all these processors. For those who want to build a PC within 40 thousand taka, the above article has been discussed in detail. You can easily build a PC in this way for 40k Gaming PC Build in Bangladesh.

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