Tips to Keep a Good Laptop

10 Useful Tips to Keep a Good Laptop

10 Useful Tips to Keep a Good Laptop is the most essential devices in our daily lives. It is very useful in our education life and career. Laptops are used for making various paperwork or presentation slides in education life, even in official work and laptops play an important role. Since laptops are an important device at the present time, let us know in detail about 10 useful tips on how to keep a good laptop through this article.

1. Internet Connection

All you have to do after buying a new laptop is to connect the net to the laptop with your wifi password after opening the laptop. This will update your laptop driver and other software.

2. Operating System Update

After buying the laptop, go to settings and update the operating system. This will give you access to the latest features and help keep your system secure.

3. Bloatware Removal

Bloatware is unnecessary software that appears during system upgrades. These unnecessarily occupy your disk space. If you show these, you have to press the Remove or Install option.

4. Antivirus Software

Windows 11 offers you Defender software, but you can also install anti-virus software from the browser for extra protection. Mac or Linux machines do not offer extra antivirus or defender. In that case you need to install anti-virus software from Chrome separately.


10 Useful Tips to Keep a Good Laptop
Configure Anti-Theft Tools

5. Configure Anti-Theft Tools

One of the 10 Useful Tips to Keep a Good Laptop is its importance. Because when buying a new laptop, a fear works slowly that the laptop is stolen. This tension cannot be completely removed. But a little peace of mind can make you. There is an option called find my device in the update and security option of your new laptop settings, turn it on, this is called anti theft tool. This will allow you to trace the location of your laptop if it is ever stolen. But the best suggestion is to keep your laptop safe.

6. Configure Automated Backup

As long as your laptop lasts, it will get old and the number of files stored in it will increase. Considering this, you need to configure the automated backup option after buying the laptop. So if for some reason the laptop needs to be serviced accidentally and later you can recover the files you need.

7. Turn on Power Saver

This is not a task to be done after buying a new laptop. However, it has been said a while ago that keeping the power saver mode on will prevent the battery from consuming unnecessary charges. Also brightness can be reduced.

8. Cloud Storage Syncing

Another way to access files is to set up or sync cloud storage, so you can access any file from any device at any time.

9. Customize the System

10 Useful Tips to Keep a Good Laptop is to customize the system. Now is the time for you to decorate your new favorite laptop. So you can customize the system of your laptop with the sweetness of the mind, you can set the image of your choice on your desktop, theme, taskbar layout, back saver, you can set these things like mind.


10 Useful Tips to Keep a Good Laptop
Install the Apps of Your Choice

10. Install the Apps of Your Choice

This is one of the 10 important tips to keep a good laptop. After doing all these things, you can now download the app you need or like. There are many people who download apps for Bangla typing, many people download apps for making posters, many people download apps for video editing. You can download various useful apps like this. But at the same time be careful about the inside of the laptop, so that you can work peacefully with your favorite laptop, and become successful and happy in your life.

For this you need to take proper care of the laptop, reduce the pressure on storage, remove unnecessary files. Laptops cannot be used for charging. It is best to charge the laptop with 5% left before the end of the charge, then the rhythm of work is right.


We hope readers will benefit from the above information and understand how to keep a good laptop after buying a new laptop.

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